Custom Screen Printing FAQ's


  1. Q: What’s your minimum number of custom T shirts I can order? 

A: 24 minimum custom T Shirts in 1-3 color designs or 36 minimum for 4 colors or more.

  1. Q: What file types do you accept for the artwork? 

A: Raster files such as JPEG, TIFF, PSD and vector files such as Ai, EPS, and PDF are all fine. But if you’re sending a raster file, the minimum resolution we accept is 200dpi (dots per inch) Raster files work in pixels rather than the lines and curves that vectors do. Because of this if you have a low dpi image- when we enlarge or shrink it, quality will be lost.

Q: What if I only have a bad file or just a sketch?

A: We can recreate any files for you, at an hourly art rate. Our artists can even take your sketches on napkins if that is what you have and custom design artwork for you.

  1. Q: When will I get my order? 

A: We have flexible pick up dates, but keep in mind our processing time is typically 7-10 working days for custom printed T shirts.

  1. Q: What kinds of custom printed T shirts do you offer? 

A: We offer 3 different kinds of tee shirts: basic, soft respun, and triblend; along with many other apparel items you have such as hoodies, sweatpants, bags, and aprons.

  • Basic Tee: Oldschool heavy cotton
  • Soft Ringspun: 100% cotton really soft
  • Triblend: poly, rayon, cotton- extremely soft

  1. Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: Cash, Check, Credit Card

Q: But what if I’m with a non profit organization?

A: We need a check from the organization along with the tax file when you arrive for your first pickup. We will keep any information for your later orders.

  1. Q: Will I see my order before it’s printed? 

A: We send two types of proofs for your custom printed T shirts and apparel. 1. When the art is finished, we send digital mock ups of your shirt. We ask that any and all spelling, dates, names, etc. be checked and approved by the customer. Once the art is approved, we are not responsible for any errors. 2. When we print the first of your shirts we will also send out a photo via text.